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Thursday, October 27, 2016 @ 3:00PM

You do not want to miss this exiting symposium on Kiawah's most ancient creature and the alligator research currently underway!

The late Professor Lou Guillette, an endocrinologist at the Medical University of South Carolina and expert on alligator biology, often said “If the environment is safe for alligators, it is safe for us!” In March 2015, Guillette and his team began a multi-year study of the alligators on Kiawah Island. The objective is to assess the health of Kiawah's alligator population and compare that with alligator populations at other locations on the southeastern coast.

The Kiawah Conservancy's newest documentary on Kiawah's Alligators featuring local researchers will be premiered during the symposium and speakers will include Matt Guillette, Theresa Cantu, Thomas Rainwater, and other field biologists associated with the ongoing research. During the wine reception and symposium program artists and photographers will display a variety of artwork featuring this magnificent Kiawah icon.

This symposium is co-sponsored by the Kiawah Conservancy and the Kiawah Island Community Association.

Contact The Sandcastle at sandcastle@kica.us or 843-768-3875 to reserve your seat now!

Announcing the first in a NEW series of unique audio tours, the Naturally Kiawah Pathways: Central Island tour utilizes Kiawah Island’s existing bicycle path network as a guide to the central portion of the Island. On the tour you will encounter many unique environments, including expanses of tidal salt marsh, maritime forests and freshwater wetlands. Along the way you will have the opportunity to view a variety of wildlife, especially birds, and learn more about Kiawah’s local ecology. Historical information is also presented within the tour, as you will be guided to several locations associated with the Island’s plantation-era days.

As you follow the tour and learn more about Kiawah, please keep in mind that enjoying this pristine environment is not for us alone. Plant and animal life only thrive in a balanced ecosystem. The Kiawah Conservancy works to preserve this delicate balance that provides haven for our native flora, habitat for wildlife and the opportunity for residents and guests to enjoy the natural wonders this special place affords. Download the App for free today at the App Store or Google Play.

Have you seen our newest documentary on the the loggerhead sea turtle? If not, CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT NOW

Watch as the mother turtle emerges from the ocean and makes her way to the dunes to dig her nest and lay her clutch of eggs. Learn about Kiawah's thriving Turtle Patrol and their efforts to preserve this amazing species. See the hatchlings emerge from the nest and make their way to the ocean. Loggerhead sea turtles are one of Kiawah Island’s most iconic and noble species.


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