Respect, Support, Volunteer, and Protect Kiawah

Kiawah’s lush natural environment is the number one reason people come here. Whether it’s the gorgeous beaches, colorful marshes, or native wildlife, it’s clear that the majority of the Kiawah community cares about the ecological health of Kiawah, but they may not realize how significantly their behaviors impact it.

RSVP Kiawah hopes to energize the Kiawah community to promote positive human behaviors to preserve our Island for our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

What Does RSVP Mean? Let’s break it down!

Now that you know what RSVP means, here’s how you can help!

Respect Wildlife Kiawah Conservancy

Respect Wildlife

  • Keep a safe distance from and never feed wildlife
  • Keep dogs away from dunes and leashed March 16-October 31 during sea turtle and shorebird nesting season
  • Understand that shorebirds see dogs as predators
  • Clean up after enjoying the beach
    • Throw away any trash or food scraps
    • Fill in holes and flatten sandcastles
    • Remove all beach equipment
  • Keep lights out on the beach to avoid disorienting sea turtle mothers and hatchlings

Support Ecological Health:

Support Ecological Health
Volunteer Kiawah Conservancy

Volunteer in Environmental Efforts:

  • Join (or shadow) Kiawah Turtle Patrol
  • Participate in one of our island litter pickups
  • Become a Shorebird Steward or Dolphin Educator
  • Participate in a bird count
  • Join the Town’s Environmental Committee
  • Become a trustee or committee member for the Kiawah Conservancy

Protect Native Habitat:

Protect Native Habitat

Looking to learn more about how you can Respect, Support, Volunteer and Protect?

 Check out the RSVP video playlist on our YouTube channel where we talk about ways you can help local wildlife!

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