Property Donation

The Kiawah Conservancy works to protect natural lands in perpetuity. If you generously donate undeveloped land to the Conservancy, we will ensure the property is responsibly managed for generations to come. 

A perpetual gift of land greatly supports the Kiawah Conservancy’s mission and preserves Kiawah’s unique habitats and abundant wildlife. Contact Kiawah Conservancy’s Land Preservation Specialist, Collie Farah, at or 843-768-2029 to learn more about donating your undeveloped property.

Here’s how the land donation process works:

  1. A meet and greet (over the phone or in person) in which the Conservancy learns about the land owner, a general description of the property (size and location) and the owner’s desire for the property.  This will help us better understand the property owner and what method would best suit them, whether that is a donation or conservation easement.
  2. Take a walk with the donor on their property. This provides a more personal touch and allows us to know if this property is one that meets the Conservancy’s land acquisition requirements.
  3. A habitat assessment is done on the property so that we can learn the fine details of what exactly we are preserving.  Once this is complete, we then present the property to our committees and Board for approval.
  4. While the Conservancy is conducting everything on our end to be ready for the donation, it is recommended that the owner obtains an appraisal of the property for their tax benefit purposes. An appraisal must be completed 90 days prior to making the donation for the owner’s sake of tax benefits.
  5. We set a closing date with our attorney to transfer the property to the Conservancy.

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