Ways You Can Help

Together We Can Preserve, Enhance and Restore Kiawah's Unique Natural Habitats and Wildlife

Residents and visitors alike revel in the superb natural diversity and beauty of Kiawah Island. It is a unique place where native landscapes, wildlife and people coexist for the benefit of all, a place where wonderful memories are made. When it comes right down to it, those memories are built on Kiawah's natural wonders. It is our responsibility, as a community, to preserve the delicate balance that provides haven for our native plants, habitat for wildlife and the opportunity for residents and guests to enjoy the experiences this special place affords. The Kiawah Conservancy is committed to understanding the critical natural habitat needed to maintain a healthy, balanced and diverse population of native plants and animals at Kiawah Island. Research, educational forums, community outreach, land preservation and habitat enhancement programs are all ways the Kiawah Conservancy protects and enhances the habitat of Kiawah Island. This is our Legacy for Kiawah Island and we invite you to be part of it. It is critical that everyone who treasures and loves this place commit to preserving it for future generations.

Individual Donors

Cash Donations

Cash donations are simple to make, maximize your charitable donation and provide funds for conservation immediately.  Making a donation to the Kiawah Conservancy online is easy, safe and secure.  The Kiawah Conservancy also accepts donations in Honor or Memorial and will send an acknowledgement to the Honored or Family of the Memoralized recipient at your request.


Employer Matching Funds

Double or triple your gift and make your donation go further - ask your company about matching your contribution. If your employer participates, simply request a matching gift form, fill out your portion and mail it to the Kiawah Conservancy at 80 Kestrel Court, Kiawah Island, South Carolina 29455.  We’ll take it from there.

Donate Securities

Donation of appreciated stocks, bonds and mutual funds is quick and simple.  Contact Kiawah Conservancy's Office Systems Administrator, Beverly Kline, at beverly@kiawahconservancy.org or 843-768-2029 to learn more about donating securities.

Leave a Legacy for Conservation

When you include a gift to the Kiawah Conservancy in your estate plans, you join a growing number of visionary conservationists committed to protecting Kiawah Island's natural habitat and wildlife. Contact Kiawah Conservancy’s Office Systems Administrator, Beverly Kline, at beverly@kiawahconservancy.org or 843-768-2029 to learn how you can support our mission though your: will, living trust, retirement plan or life insurance policy. We look forward to talking to you about planned giving options, and we encourage you to speak with your own financial advisor about the best choice for you and your family.

Land Donors

By accepting your generous donation undeveloped property, the Kiawah Conservancy also accepts a lifetime duty to ensure the property is responsibly managed.  A perpetual gift of land greatly supports the Kiawah Conservancy's mission and preserves Kiawah's unique habitats and abundant wildlife for future Generations.  Contact Kiawah Conservancy's Land Preservation Coordinator, Lee Bundrick, at lee@kiawahconservancy.org or 843-768-2029 learn more about donating your undeveloped property.

Business Partners

Business Partners are very important the Kiawah Conservancy. In addition to cash donations, we offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities for business. If you are interested in sponsoring our Annual Painted Bunting Celebration or Legacy Ball, please contact Beverly Kline at beverly@kiawahconservancy.org or 843-768-2029.



Volunteering is a great way to support the Kiawah Conservancy's mission, spend time outdoors and meet new friends. Volunteer a little or volunteer a lot. Volunteer your time or volunteer your talents.  Either way, you will play an important part in protecting Kiawah's natural habitats and wildlife, forever.

Why Volunteer?

  • Learn new skills and build upon the ones you already have
  • Meet people who share your passion for nature
  • Enjoy fresh air, beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife
  • Help preserve Kiawah's nature for future generations

Register your volunteer interests with us now and we'll contact you with more information as opportunities arise.



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