Preserved Lands

Indigo Park Nature Areas

Indigo Park CE at Kiawah Conservancy

Conservation Easement

Preserved: December 2010

Preserved: 3.08 acres

Preserved: Located within the Indigo Park Community

Habitat Type: Maritime forest, hummock island, tidal salt marsh and salt shrub thicket

Conservation Value: In addition to “mainland” habitat, this easement protects four small hummock islands. The trees found on the hummock islands include red cedar, cabbage palm and live oak trees. The tidal salt marsh contains smooth cordgrass, saltmeadow cordgrass, black needlerush and sea ox-eye. In the high marsh / mud flats, glasswort, saltwort and sea-lavender are found. The high marsh, marsh edges and hummock islands provide exceptionally high quality wildlife habitat. Dominate tree species within the maritime forest areas include live oak, loblolly pine, southern magnolia and cabbage palm. The understory vegetation includes yaupon holly, wax myrtle, American beautyberry, coral bean, elephant’s foot and groundsel-tree and various grasses and sedges; there are also many vines present, most notably several smilax species. Bracken fern is the dominate groundcover species found within the maritime forest habitat areas. This varied habitat area support as host of wildlife species.

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