Preserved Lands

Kiawah Island is a gated community and as such requires a guest access pass if you are not a property owner or reserved guest of the island. If you are not a property owner or reserved guest and would like to visit one of our preserved areas, please contact Collie Farah (Kiawah Conservancy Land Preservation Specialist) at or 843-768-2029 to schedule a visit and obtain a gate pass for the island.

Osprey Point Nature Area

Osprey Point Nature Area at Kiawah Conservancy

Owned Property

Preserved: Janaury 2015

Preserved: 3.4 acres

Preserved: Osprey Point and Flyway Drive

Habitat Type: Maritime forest, freshwater wetlands, maritime shrub thicket and salt shrub thicket

Conservation Value: The Osprey Point Nature Area property has been regularly used by bobcats for daytime resting cover and is also a very important travel corridor (as indicated by Bobcat GPS Project data, 2007-current). The property is across Flyway Drive from the Ocean Palms subdivision – an area that was associated with one of the Island’s most important bobcat denning habitats prior to its development. The Osprey Point Nature Area property is large enough to potentially provide an alternative den site in the future.

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