Preserved Lands

Kiawah Island is a gated community and as such requires a guest access pass if you are not a property owner or reserved guest of the island. If you are not a property owner or reserved guest and would like to visit one of our preserved areas, please contact Collie Farah (Kiawah Conservancy Land Preservation Specialist) at or 843-768-2029 to schedule a visit and obtain a gate pass for the island.

MIingo North and Mingo South


Conservation Easement

Preserved: December 2017

Preserved: 13.25 Acres

Preserved: Entrance to Kiawah Island off of Kiawah Island Parkway

Habitat Type: hummock island, salt shrub thicket, maritime grassland, salt flat, maritime forest

Conservation Value: Mingo North and Mingo South are within a Town of Kiawah Island “Important Bobcat Area” that provides a critical daytime resting area for island bobcats. Additionally, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) studies have documented frequent use of these areas by bobcats. High density of southern red cedar provides abundance of fall and winter fruit for songbirds. Associated salt flats provide foraging space for shorebirds. Shrub thickets and maritime forests such as those found on Mingo North and Mingo South provide habitat for three US Fish and Wildlife Service “at risk species” (monarch butterfly, eastern diamondback rattlesnake, tri-­colored bat) and three SCDNR State Wildlife Action Plan priority species (island glass lizard, painted bunting, tri-colored bat).

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