Position Statement for Island Park Place Health and Wellness Village

Kiawah Conservancy’s Position Statement
on the Island Park Place Health and Wellness Village

January 12, 2024

The Issue and Current Understanding

A request has been submitted by the developer of Island Park Place Health and Wellness Village to
Charleston County for the rezoning of TMS # 203-00-00-048 and -053 (located on Betsy Kerrison
Parkway, Johns Island) from Low-Density Residential (R-4) zoning to Planned Development (PD-187).
This revised zoning will allow for the development of a large-scale office park with associated retail and
residential uses. Proposed plans for this development include a maximum of 159,846 square feet of
buildings to consist of medical office space, multi-family dwelling units to be located above office space,
a parking garage, surface parking, and an onsite wastewater treatment area (septic).

Kiawah Conservancy Position

The Kiawah Conservancy (Conservancy) has long supported a balance of nature and development on
Kiawah Island and within its environs. We strongly oppose the rezoning of TMS # 203-00-00-048 and –
053 (located on Betsy Kerrison Parkway, Johns Island) from Low-Density Residential (R-4) zoning to
Planned Development (PD-187) for the Island Park Place Health and Wellness Village.
The developer’s recently proposed changes offer only minimal reduction in scope and scale of the
development and demonstrate no commitment to define which medical services and facilities will be
provided. In addition, it has come to our attention that the developer is putting pressure on Charleston
County Council members (via a hired lobbyist) to approve this development.

Our concerns are as follows…

-The proposed Island Park Place Health and Wellness Village development will create habitat loss
and fragmentation of critical native habitats and wildlife corridors. As proposed, this development will fill up to two acres of critical wetland habitats. Mitigation efforts are not required to take place in the same area as the wetland loss and therefore will not provide a positive benefit to the area.
– The expansive septic field required for the development will cause further groundwater and
watershed contamination in an area that is already of critical concern.
– The impervious surface parking garage for 96 cars and surface parking for 461 cars will add
significantly to the flooding in the area of Betsy Kerrison Parkway and contamination to the
– The up-zoning of these properties will be a springboard for future up-zoning to high-density
development in this rural area further impacting the rural nature and native habitats that support
both residential and migratory wildlife species.
– There is no need for this development with the fragile, rural ecosystem of this area given the new
medical facilities from Trident and MUSC that are planned for installation within the same local.

We encourage all Kiawah, Seabrook and Johns Islanders to contact the Charleston County Council
members and submit their concerns regarding the up zoning of these properties.

We encourage all Charleston County Council members to vote in opposition to the rezoning of TMS #
203-00-00-048 and -053 to ensure the ecosystem of this critical area on rural Johns Island remains healthy and vibrant for the wildlife species and community members that inhabit the area.

Charleston County Council Member Contact Information

Herbert Ravenel Sass, III

Kylon Jerome Middleton

Larry Kobrovsky

C. Brantley Moody

Robert L. Wehrman

Joe Boykin

Henry E. Darby

Jenny Costa Honeycutt

Teddie E. Pryor, Sr.

Please copy your comments to public-comments@charlestoncounty.org and CCPC@charlestoncounty.org to ensure your concerns have a broader reach and are publicly recorded.

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