Paper Binoculars & Telescopes

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binoculars craft

Make your own paper binoculars and telescopes and go out on a wildlife spotting adventure!


This list is just a reference. We encourage you to be as creative as possible and use whatever you have on hand!

Tube Binoculars

Bathroom tissue tubes

Scrapbook Paper

Elmers Stick Glue



Single Hole Punch

Paper Binoculars

Paper (construction and cardstock are best)

Markers, Crayons, or Paint

Hole Punch




Paper Telescope

Paper towel tube



Tube Binoculars

Start by connecting the bathroom tissue tubes together by using tape or glue. Decorate the tubes with markers, crayons, and pieces of construction paper. Using a hole punch, punch holes in the outer sides of the binoculars to tie ribbon through. You can also tape or glue twine or ribbon to the outer sides.

Paper Binoculars

Cut a piece of construction paper in half. Decorate the paper as you please before rolling each piece and taping them in place. Attach the two rolled pieces of paper and follow the directions above to create your strap!

Paper Telescopes

This project is the easiest of them all, especially if you have a paper towel tube on hand. Can’t you see the possibilities as soon as you tear off that last paper towel? Decorate the tube however you like – with markers, paper, stickers, anything! If you don’t have a paper towel tube, simply roll a sheet of paper and tape it in place.

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