Our 2030 Strategic Plan

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As we continue to work towards our vision of a Kiawah Island where the unique natural environment is preserved for generations to come, we're shifting our mission to better meet the needs of conservation on Kiawah Island. With our new mission, we measure, manage, improve, and advocate for the ecological health of Kiawah Island and its environs.

To fulfill this mission and move towards the realization of our vision, we will be making a few key shifts in our organization's focus. We will take a greater focus on the overall ecological health of Kiawah Island, take a more active role in conservation, include the surrounding environs of the Island, and advocate for the viability of the natural habitat.

We thank all of our supporters for believing in our vision of a natural, thriving Kiawah. To learn more about how we're shifting to better protect Kiawah's natural environments, read our 2030 Strategic Plan.