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January 15 @ 3PM, The Sandcastle

Join Debbie Fisher for a discussion of the contribution of bees to a healthy ecosystem.

An avid nature-lover, Debbie Fisher, is fascinated by our amazing Earth, the living things with whom we share it, and their interconnections. As one of the founding members of the Charleston Area Beekeepers Association, Debbie delights in spreading her joy of bees and sharing information about the part bees play in contributing to a healthy, bio-diverse ecosystem. She will share insights about what science has learned over the past decade interacting with wild feral bees and how this information is influencing how we manage bees in the urban setting. 

This program is sponsored by the Kiawah Conservancy, Town of Kiawah Island, and Kiawah Island Community Association.

Photo by Debbie Fisher

February 27 @ 3PM, The Sandcastle

Shorebirds undertake some of the world’s most incredible migrations, with nonstop flights that can last longer than a week and span continents. Many shorebird populations also happen to be rapidly declining! Learn how shorebirds are able to undertake their incredible migrations, and how these capabilities may make them susceptible to the effects of human-driven environmental change. In the process, Nathan Senner will also discuss shorebird migration along the coast of South Carolina and how local conservation activities can have big results.

After earning a B.A. from Carleton College, Nathan Senner was awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to follow Hudsonian Godwits on their annual migration from the Arctic to the southern tip of South America and back. He continued this research while pursuing his PhD at Cornell University with Dr. John Fitzpatrick. From there, he traveled across the Atlantic for a postdoc with Dr. Theunis Piersma at the University of Groningen studying the high-flying migrations of Blacktailed Godwits. Nathan is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of South Carolina where his lab investigates how shorebird populations are able to respond to human-related environmental changes.

This program is sponsored by the Kiawah Conservancy and Kiawah Island Community Association.

November 3, 2019

The Kiawah Conservancy celebrated 22 years of conservation success with over 350 guests at our Annual Legacy Gala on November 3, 2019. The evenings festivities included live and silent auctions, Legacy Tree drawings, and an exciting game of Heads or Tails led by auctioneer, Tom Crawford. Proceeds from the event support the mission and programs of the Kiawah Conservancy. Thank you for your generous support!

Self-Guided Tours
Discover stories unique to Kiawah as you enjoy our self-guided Naturally Kiawah Pathways tours of the Island's scenic pathways. Download the free TravelStorys App and take a tour today. There are seven exciting optioins to choose from:

NEW Kiawah Paddling
Treasures of the Beach: Scavenger Hunt
Kiawahs' Ponds: A Wildlife Wonderland
Western Kiawah Island
Central Kiawah Island
Eastern Kiawah Island
Kiawah Photography
The Preserve

Since 1997, the Kiawah Conservancy’s mission has been “to preserve and enhance Kiawah Island’s unique balance of nature and development.” To continue to grow support for its conservation mission, the Conservancy would like you to experience Kiawah’s wonders first hand!  

Our Naturally Kiawah Pathways self-guided tours (via the TravelStorys App), allow you to learn something about our Island that even long-term visitors and residents may not know. The tours also provide suggestions on how each of us can help ensure we preserve the legacy of Kiawah’s nature and beauty for future generations. Combined together, the tours will take you from the far eastern sections of the Island to Freshfields Village in the west and from the beach to the Kiawah River. Some of the tours are best taken on your bike, while others are designed to be walked. Each tour can be taken in its entirety or in sections. Biking or walking distances are shown with each tour.

To take a tour, download the free TravelStorys App from Google Play or the App Store and select the Naturally Kiawah Pathways tour that most interests you . For each tour, there are approximately 10 points of interest. When using the TravelStorys App, GPS-activated audio narration about each location will begin as you approach the mapped point on your selected tour. Each location also includes a series of photographs, many provided courtesy of the Kiawah Island Photography Club.

We encourage you to sample one or more of the tours and recommend them to your family and friends. This is a wonderful resource to learn more about Kiawah Island - perhaps on one of the many beautiful days that grace our shores! We also ask you to send us your experiences, photographs, and stories about a site that you believe others might enjoy, so that they might be included in a future version of a tour.

From your friends and neighbors at the Kiawah Conservancy, please enjoy touring Kiawah Island!

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”  John Muir

The Mystery and Magic of Bobcats

Have you seen our documentary on Kiawah's bobcats?


Learn about Kiawah's bobcat population, their importance to our unique ecosystem, and research currently underway to preserve and protect these elusive creatures.

This documentary is sponsored by the Kiawah Conservancy with a grant from the Town of Kiawah Island.

Have you seen our newest documentary on the shorebirds of Kiawah? If not, CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT NOW

Learn about Kiawah's shorebirds and Island efforts to preserve and protect these amazing and threatened species.

Have you seen our documentary on the American alligator?

Learn about Kiawah's thriving alligator population, their importance to our unique ecosystem, and research currently underway to preserve and protect this modern day dinosaur.

Thank you to our sponsors: Taylor Agency Insurance and Town of Kiawah Island for their generous support.



Have you seen our documentary on the the loggerhead sea turtle? If not, CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT NOW

Watch as the mother turtle emerges from the ocean and makes her way to the dunes to dig her nest and lay her clutch of eggs. Learn about Kiawah's thriving Turtle Patrol and their efforts to preserve this amazing species. See the hatchlings emerge from the nest and make their way to the ocean. Loggerhead sea turtles are one of Kiawah Island’s most iconic and noble species.