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Be Part of the Challenge!

As we navigate through these unforeseen circumstances, our first priority is to keep our supporters, volunteers, and donors safe. We hope to have our Legacy Gala again in 2021. In the meantime, we are excited for a new and creative ONLINE fundraiser this fall to help support our organization during this difficult time.

We invite you to Be Part of the Challenge this year! The upside of having an online event, is that we will have no direct expense. Therefore, 100% of your gifts will support the Kiawah Conservancy and it's conservation programs.




Rhett's Bluff Nature Area
Join Lee as he explores the Rhett's Bluff Nature Area. This 2.78-acre conservation easement area in the Rhett's Bluff neighborhood contains one of the few freshwater wetlands that can be found on Kiawah Island. Freshwater wetlands provide key habitat for a variety of wildlife species. Visit our YouTube channel and subscribe to the Learning with Lee playlist so you'll receive notification as soon as a new episode is posted.




Kiawah's Bobcats Need Your Help Now!

Bobcats are one of the most unique species on Kiawah Island and catching a glimpse of one is on the bucket list of almost every Kiawah resident and visitor alike. Unfortunately, in recent years, the use of second-generation anticoagulant (SGA) rodenticides has caused an increase in bobcat deaths. Biologist estimate we now have less than 10 bobcats remaining on Kiawah Island. 

What are we doing to help save our bobcats? The Town of Kiawah Isalnd and the Kiawah Conservancy have requested a temporary, one-year prohibition on SGA use on Kiawah Island. This request is currently being evaluated and decision is anticipated sometime between August 6-10, 2020.

How can you help in this effort? We need your help now to ensure this prohibition request is approved. Click learn more below to see how you can help support this effort. We also need all Kiawah property owners to take the pledge to stop using SGAs on their property and become a Bobcat Guardian today. Visit to learn more and take the pledge today.




Bobcat Research with Jim Jordan
Join Lee for an interview with Town of Kiawah Island Wildife Biologist Jim Jordan to learn about the threats Kiawah's bobcats face as their numbers continue to decline and what you can do to help preserve and protect this iconic creature. Visit how you can help save Kiawah's bobcats!




Naturally Kiawah Pathways Tours

Discover stories unique to Kiawah as you enjoy our Naturally Kiawah Pathways tours through the free TravelStorys app.

Take a virtual Naturally Kiawah Pathways tour today to explore and learn about the habitats, wildlife, and history of Kiawah Island from the comfort of your home. There are eight exciting options to choose from:

Kiawah Paddling
Beach Scavenger Hunt
Kiawahs' Ponds: A Wildlife Wonderland
Western Kiawah Island
Central Kiawah Island
Eastern Kiawah Island
Kiawah Photography
The Preserve

Combined together, the tours will take you from the far eastern sections of the Island to Freshfields Village in the west and from the beach to the Kiawah River.

Downloading the TravelStorys App:

1. Download the TravelStorys app on the App Store or Google Play and follow the prompts.
2. Allow “notifications” to take advantage of using the self-guided GPS-activated component when accessing the tours in-person while on Kiawah.
3. Select one of the tours and download it by touching the down arrow at the bottom of the screen.


Take A Virtual Tour:

1. After downloading and opening your selected tour, select “Map” to see different points of interest on the map.
2. Select one of the points of interest to listen to commentary and see an accompanying photo slideshow.
3. Continue to select different points on the map to hear about other sights.

Take A Self-Guided GPS Activated Tour (walk, bike, or paddle):

1. Turn on the tour on your mobile device.
2. Go to one of the points of interest located on the tour.
3. Commentary along with a photo slideshow will automatically begin as you approach each featured point of interest.
4. Proceed to the next point of interest to hear new commentary.


Mimi's Adventures on Kiawah Island

Are you ready for a story? Today we’ll hear a special reading of Mimi’s Adventures on Kiawah Island by the book’s author, Catherine Goodman Farley. Let’s listen in and learn more as Mimi explores Kiawah Island and meets new friends.


You too can explore Kiawah Island like Mimi and her friends. Being aware of your surroundings and respecting nature are lessons that Mimi learned throughout her adventures. Remember, you can observe animals in nature, but you should not interact with them. Never feed them and be sure to keep your distance.

Naturally Kiawah Volume 41

Our newest issue of Naturally Kiawah magazine is available for online viewing now! This issue, themed Kiawah, Naturally, is dedicated the army of dedicated people who help to keep Kiawah the special place it is and has always been. Much of the life that pulses under Kiawah’s beautiful exterior has been there for centuries, and thanks to so many Kiawah keepers, continues to thrive.

If you're on our mailing list you should have received your printed copy of Naturally Kiawah Volume 41 by now. If you're not on our list, you can sign up here to receive the next published issue.

Kiawah Island is a unique place where native landscapes, wildlife and people coexist for the benefit of all, a place where wonderful memories are made. When it comes right down to it, those memories are built on the natural wonders here. ​

The Naturally Kiawah Pathways tour utilizes Kiawah Island’s existing bicycle path network as a guide to the central portion of the Island.  On the tour you will encounter many unique environments, including expanses of tidal salt marsh, maritime forests and freshwater wetlands.  Along the way you will have the opportunity to view a variety of wildlife, especially birds, and learn more about Kiawah’s local ecology.  Historical information is also presented within the tour, as you will be guided to several locations associated with the Island’s plantation-era days.

As you follow the tour and learn more about Kiawah, please keep in mind that enjoying this pristine environment is not for us alone. Plant and animal life only thrive in a balanced ecosystem.  The Kiawah Conservancy works to preserve this delicate balance that provides haven for our native flora, habitat for wildlife and the opportunity for residents and guests to enjoy the natural wonders this special place affords. - See more at:
kiawah conservancy lends their extensive knowledge and careful stewardship of their namesake island to this, the first in a series of unique audio tours - See more at:
kiawah conservancy lends their extensive knowledge and careful stewardship of their namesake island to this, the first in a series of unique audio tours - See more at:
March 2020

The Kiawah Conservancy is excited to have been selected to receive a grant totaling $125,924 to complete Informed Scenario Planning For Community-Wide Resilience Strategy Building on Kiawah Island (SC), a project to address barriers to coastal resilience by engaging stakeholders within the community to reach a consensus on the use of nature-based solutions to increase resilience to flooding and natural hazards for both human and wildlife communities. The project will engage stakeholders in scenario planning, and discuss the use of nature-based solutions within the barrier island community.

“The Kiawah Conservancy is honored to be recognized by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.This grant focuses on studying and improving our coastal resilience, blending well with our historical attention to the environmental balance of nature and development on Kiawah Island and its environs.” Rich Warner, Chair Kiawah Conservancy Board of Trustees

The Kiawah Conservancy is one of three organizations [City of Charleston and City of North Charleston] within South Carolina to receive funding through this grant.  

Funds from this grant are restricted to use for the purposes of this grant and cannot be used for general operations or other purposes.

The Mystery and Magic of Bobcats

Have you seen our documentary on Kiawah's bobcats?


Learn about Kiawah's bobcat population, their importance to our unique ecosystem, and research currently underway to preserve and protect these elusive creatures.

This documentary is sponsored by the Kiawah Conservancy with a grant from the Town of Kiawah Island.

Have you seen our newest documentary on the shorebirds of Kiawah? If not, CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT NOW

Learn about Kiawah's shorebirds and Island efforts to preserve and protect these amazing and threatened species.

Have you seen our documentary on the American alligator?

Learn about Kiawah's thriving alligator population, their importance to our unique ecosystem, and research currently underway to preserve and protect this modern day dinosaur.

Thank you to our sponsors: Taylor Agency Insurance and Town of Kiawah Island for their generous support.



Have you seen our documentary on the the loggerhead sea turtle? If not, CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT NOW

Watch as the mother turtle emerges from the ocean and makes her way to the dunes to dig her nest and lay her clutch of eggs. Learn about Kiawah's thriving Turtle Patrol and their efforts to preserve this amazing species. See the hatchlings emerge from the nest and make their way to the ocean. Loggerhead sea turtles are one of Kiawah Island’s most iconic and noble species.