Native Plant Restoration Projects

The Kiawah Conservancy is committed to protecting the Kiawah River watershed’s unique environment through land preservation, restoration, and enhancement. Native plants play a crucial role in our ecosystem, providing food and shelter for wildlife, stabilizing soil, and improving water quality. These plants are uniquely adapted to our local environmental conditions, can better support wildlife, and even require less fertilizer and watering than non-natives to help them thrive. Restoring and enhancing developed landscapes with native plants provides a critical resource for native wildlife species to nest, rest, and feed. 

In 2023, the Conservancy partnered with Indigo Park HOA and is working with Windswept 2 HOA in 2024 to enhance common areas with native plants, creating havens for pollinating insects and improving the overall aesthetics.

We also teamed up with the Kiawah Island Golf Resort this past year to design and install a native plant learning garden in Night Heron Park. With signs being installed in 2024, this educational garden will showcase the benefits of native plants and inspire residents to incorporate them into their own landscapes.

In 2023, we planted over 3,500 native plants in the Kiawah River watershed and initiated the planting of over 4,500 additional native plants through our first annual native plant sale, co-sponsored by Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy.

We are dedicated to working with property owners, HOAs, regimes, and businesses within our community to promote native plant use and ensure the long-term health of the Kiawah River watershed. We look forward to expanding on our native plant outreach in the coming years.

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