Maritime Forest Reserve and Nature Trail

Preserved Land Image: 


Owned Property

Preserved December 2002

Size: 0.71 acres

Location:  133 Conifer Lane

Habitat Type:  Maritime forest

Conservation Value:  The Maritime Forest Reserve and Nature Trail provides a unique outdoor learning experience. This open-air classroom, located near entrance to the Kiawah community, features a variety of maritime forest plants.  Informative signs located along the trail highlight plant details such as special adaptations and significance to wildlife habitat. Maritime forests, typically found on barrier islands like Kiawah, provide a protective buffer between the mainland and the sea. In addition to island stabilization, these coastal forests also perform other environmental functions such as supporting wildlife habitat, soil production and nutrient conservation. Maritime forests create a natural cooling effect through their shade and act as a buffer against noise. The plant life within the maritime forest habitat is especially tolerant of the rough salt spray, sun and wind conditions that exist on a barrier island. The wide variety of native plants found along the trail are not only beautiful, but are well suited to Kiawah's growing conditions and help sustain wildlife on Kiawah Island.  Bobcats, foxes, deer, rabbits and raccoons are some of the many animals which use the forest as a sheltered resting place and source of food.