Kiawah Conservancy Recieves Coastal Resilience Grant

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March 2020

The Kiawah Conservancy is excited to have been selected to receive a grant totaling $125,924 to complete Informed Scenario Planning For Community-Wide Resilience Strategy Building on Kiawah Island (SC), a project to address barriers to coastal resilience by engaging stakeholders within the community to reach a consensus on the use of nature-based solutions to increase resilience to flooding and natural hazards for both human and wildlife communities. The project will engage stakeholders in scenario planning, and discuss the use of nature-based solutions within the barrier island community.

“The Kiawah Conservancy is honored to be recognized by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.This grant focuses on studying and improving our coastal resilience, blending well with our historical attention to the environmental balance of nature and development on Kiawah Island and its environs.” Rich Warner, Chair Kiawah Conservancy Board of Trustees

The Kiawah Conservancy is one of three organizations [City of Charleston and City of North Charleston] within South Carolina to receive funding through this grant.  

Funds from this grant are restricted to use for the purposes of this grant and cannot be used for general operations or other purposes.