Bucket List

  1. Watch the sunrise over the beach
  2. Spot a bobcat
  3. Go beachcombing for a sand dollar, but leave behind any fuzzy, living ones!
  4. Watch dolphins strand feed at Captain Sam’s Spit. Remember to stay back 45 feet! 
  5. Spot an alligator, just be sure to keep back about 60 feet or view from an enclosed overlook or bridge!
  6. Explore Kiawah on bike
  7. Watch a flock of shorebirds, giving the birds 100 feet to nest and feed
  8. Watch the sunset
  9. Find an eagle
  10. Visit an observation tower and see Kiawah from above
  11. Join Turtle Patrol for a morning and help sea turtles make it to the ocean
  12. Spot an otter, try searching from the Preserve Lookout Tower!
  13. Go kayaking on the river or in the marsh
  14. Take a dip in the ocean
  15. Go birding and see how many different species you can spot
  16. Chat with a Shorebird Steward and walk away with a new appreciation for Kiawah’s shorebirds
  17. Spot a roseate spoonbill
  18. Go fishing
  19. Take a nature walk, perhaps through a Conservancy property!

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