A Look Back at This Year’s Red Knots

As the last of the migrating red knots leave Kiawah to finish their journey to their breeding grounds in the Canadian Arctic, we are sharing two opportunities to take a look back at these magnificent little shorebirds.

First, join the Kiawah Island Shorebird Stewards for a Zoom presentation on Red Knot Research in the Southeast with Fletcher Smith of the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources on June 8 at 6pm.

Fletcher Smith is a shorebird biologist who has worked with migrating birds for over 17 years.  Red Knots have greatly declined in the last 50 years, but what is being done to understand more about why?  

Smith will share interesting findings from a long-term Red Knot project of counting, surveying, trapping, and banding them.  He will also share what’s been learned about the Knots from this past season.  Learn how Kiawah and Seabrook are critical to the survival of this species! Join the Zoom meeting here.

Second, check out Red Knots A Story of Conservation and Survival, a short presentation on YouTube by Pamela Cohen featuring some truly wonderful photography.

According to Cohen, “The presentation is a culmination of my passion for these birds and the need to maintain Kiawah Island as a safe haven necessary for survival of this species.” Watch the video below and subscribe to Pamela Cohen’s channel for more wildlife videos.

Pamela Cohen’s photography is also featured in the image at the top of this page. You can see more of her wildlife photography on her website.

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